Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Two things that I found:

Awareness and spreading conscience are vital for me. So I found the following two articles and thought they belonged here, since the more they are seen, the easier it is to spread the word about these atrocities. The first article here (in Spanish), is about a horse that was found bleeding to death. After a man contacted police authorities in Puerto Rico (Ponce and Mayagüez) regarding the animal, he was told that they'd have to wait until the animal was dead in order to remove him and bury him. The horse was left in agony. The animal welfare laws there state that upon advising the nearest police headquarters, these are supposed to alert a veterinary in that region to euthanize the animal. In the end, an animal sanctuary (Santuario de Animales San Francisco de Asís) took the responsablity of finding a vet t0 euthanize the horse, after hours of suffering.

This article, I found through my uncle's Facebook page. It took place in Colombia (2009), where Misael Ruíz Quintero, a member of the Puerto Tejada (Cauca) police force hit a dog's head with a shovel. The official holding the camera instructs another officer to take a shovel and hit the dog in the head. After the officer (Valdéz) refuses to, Ruíz Quintero takes the shovel, hits the dog on the head and laughs while the dog is in pain. The officer has been removed from his position and is currently under investigation.