Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Help end the brutal "sport" of bear baiting.

"At the center of the large arena a black bear is standing, shaking in fear.

Although she knows what is about to happen she can do nothing to stop it - a rope attached to a metal ring in her nose is tied to a post in the ground, holding her in place. All she can do is wait and watch as the crowd around her cheers in anticipation.

Suddenly, two dogs are released into the arena - bred and trained to attack, the dogs lunge at the bear, sinking their sharp teeth into her sensitive muzzle and ears. The bear tries desperately to defend herself but her teeth and claws have been removed and all she can do is tuck her head behind her paws and lash out blindly. The attack goes on for several minutes until finally the bear is brought to the ground and the dogs are declared the winners...

This is the cruel and illegal bloodsport of “bear baiting” in Pakistan. At these horrific events, crowds gather and pay to watch as defenseless bears are attacked by specially-trained dogs. Shockingly, bears endure this savage contest up to 10 times at one event.

WSPA believes that there is no excuse for this cruelty, and we are working to end bear baiting once and for all."

Taken from the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) website.

Causes such as these should be supported by everyone. If you cannot help financially or volunteering your time, I urge you to please spread the work about this vicious blood sport. The more people who know, the more action that can be taken.

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