Thursday, December 27, 2012

Only losers let Winners die

Humans are supposed to be intelligent species, but the longer I live, the more convinced I am that we can be quite the opposite. How is it not common sense that polar bears live in the cold?!!

Winner, a 14 year old polar bear housed in the Buenos Aires City Zoo has died. The reason? It’s hot!

Argentina, where it is now summer, has an average December to January temperature of 77-88 degrees Fahrenheit (but it can increase to as high as 113 degrees); since a polar bear “can overheat inprolonged exposure to temperatures above 50 degrees (Fahrenheit),” how is this not a factor that these supposed animal “experts” took into account when housing a polar bear in their zoo?

A press realease from the zoo apeared in The Buenos Aires Herald stating the following:

“With deep sadness we announce that early yesterday morning our polar bear died.

"He was beloved by the entire staff of the Buenos Aires City zoo.

"The cause of death following a necropsy was established as hyperthemia, which is influenced by the environment and by the bear’s own temperament.

"Unfortunately, as a consequence of the unusually high temperatures, along with fireworks from December 24th and the bear’s nervious temperament caused the bear’s death.”

Winner, who died on December 25th, isn't the only polar bear in captivity. His death reminds us that animals shouldn't be taken from their habitat. God made them free and part of our creation. It's not natural for them to be kept in small cages, rooms or contained. It is incredibly sad to see these losses that can so easily be prevented by letting the animals be. Animals are not meant for our entertainment. That's why my money will never go to a zoo, a circus or any other organization that exploits animals in such a way and I urge you, reader, to do the same...
Photo Courtesy of the Buenos Aires Herald

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