Monday, June 8, 2009

Hear ye consumers!

As consumers, there are ways in which we can show compassion and ensure that we are purchasing cruelty-free items. Perhaps it involves paying more for items, but it’s worth it.
· If one is a meat eater, purchasing cruelty-free meat, guarantees that this meat comes from animals that are free range or grass fed and killed in a humane way. These animals are not forced fed or given steroids.

· When buying eggs, it is important to get eggs that come from cage less hens. These free-range hens are not confined to a small cage, without being able to stretch out their limbs, stand up straight or even turn around.
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· Purchasing food that’s USDA organic is an aid to Mother Nature, without harmful pesticides and naturally grown.
· It is important to purchase shampoos, cleaners, cosmetics, hairsprays, and personal care items that are not animal tested.
Not only is it important to purchase these cruelty-free items, but also spread the word about them. We must hold the ones who state that these products are cruelty-free accountable and make sure that they truly are cruelty-free, by uniting and pressuring our politicians to pass laws such as California’s Proposition 2.

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