Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shark attack-human style...

While it is now against the law, some fishermen on La Reunion Island (France) were caught using live dogs and cats as bait for sharks. For full article, visit HERE. I can’t even begin to say how many things are wrong with that scenario. As a dog owner- I have a Chihuahua/Lancashire Heeler mix and a Labrador Retriever- I could not bear to watch someone pass a metal fishing hook through a dog’s snout, and then have them thrown in the ocean as bait to acquire hungry sharks.
Photos courtesy of National Geographic

I will point out that it is not a widespread practice, but the fact that it would even occur once, makes it clear to me that we, as a people, have to stand against this and similar atrocities. I know that I don’t have the money to fly into the Indian Ocean whenever I chose to. But for now, I do the only thing that I can think of to try and stop this from occurring: Spread the word and inform, hoping that others will too.

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