Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hey, Matador! How fun is this?

I can’t jump through a ring of fire or do a head stand. I can’t even balance myself on a ball. But the animals in the circus are required to do that and more.
The last time I went to the circus, I was six and have never returned. Even at that young age I knew it was wrong. Animals are not for our entertainment; they’re created to live in their natural habitats. Lions belong in an African savannah, not in an elevator sized cage for a circus.
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And what’s fun about watching a man jabbing wooden sticks into a beautiful, defenseless bull? Then letting the animal die of asphyxiation (with punctured lungs) or by bleeding to death. That’s not culture. It is sadism reminiscent of medieval time tortures, not 21st century “sport.”
Photo courtesy of the Humane Society website
The Miccosukee Indian Village isn’t doing much to help alligators. On their supposed alligator fighting, the alligators are sluggish and slow. It’s more of a poke the alligator with a stick, wake him up, bother him, pull his jaw open for all to see and do all that’s possible to disturb the animal. And that’s in front of the public. I don’t know what happens behind closed doors. What I do know is that I’m never returning.

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